Saturday, April 26, 2008

ruling the world

My friend Dan and I used to hang out non-stop. I was friends with his older sister first, and he came along like bonus features on a DVD.

Either way, Dan's in the Navy now, and I'm graduated and working. Things have changed a lot. I'm happy to have had a camera in high school (even more so that it was digital), as I have a few things to go back and look at. I'm still regretful that the first 500 or so photos I took with my Kodak DC215 Zoom (1.3 megapixel!) went missing. I blame my older brothers, but I'm sure I wiped them out.

I still have some things left from that time. This is Dan and I on top of Mount Bohemia in the Yoop. It brings me back to closet computers, MS Paint stick men, my '89 Ford Escort, and the spud gun.

The executive board of D&S Industries

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