Sunday, March 30, 2008

silly purchase?

I don't think this would be a very silly purchase. I think it's a great idea.

I'm currently a resident of the Sentry Insurance Residence Center. It's an employees only hotel maintained by my employer, due to the amount of people staying in the area from remote offices. It's happily comfortable, and very clean. Not a Marriot that some people would stay in, but I'll be just fine. I'm happy knowing they have decent coffee in the cafeteria. As it turns out, I'm still pretty bitter about the diluted "Wright Brother's Vending" brand coffee at my office.

It's odd driving around Stevens Point again. Although I don't think I have a blog-reader-following, for those of you who don't know, I spent seven months living in Stevens Point while working as an IT co-op at then StoraEnso North America, now New Page Corporation. It all feels very familiar, but still different enough to remind me of how comfortable I've become in Madison. I've been thinking I need a change in location, and hopefully that means temporarily -- vacation style -- but, you never know.

I sometimes think back to when Joe and I were driving around the outskirts of Madison, trying to find the apartments I had made appointments with. I remember driving down the road I currently live off of - how new, and different it felt. It's now comfortable, to the point where I don't notice anything anymore. I can bring myself back and see what it felt like then, almost like looking at a photo of someplace you've never been.

Someone else suggested a quarter-life crisis. Who knows? Speaking of which, if you know anyone who's in the market for a 2004 Volkswagen GTI, 1.8T, let me know.

On a closing note, Google has done Streeview for Madison and the surrounding areas. Check it out, and see if you can find the driveway to my apartment. You'll feel accomplished, I promise.


bmalec said...

"Quarter life crisis?!?!??!"


Joe Kirklin said...

You need a puppy.

Also, watch this clip.

Joe Kirklin said...

dang it. I'll email it to you.