Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Ahh, where it all began. Behold, me rocking out with the pan still in use by Mom, and a pair of Construx drumsticks. (remember Contrux?) Note the awesome socks, and ridiculous blond hair.

I wonder if I knew any rudiments...

In other news, there have been some small accomplishments here and there.
  • Organized my lists using the Circa system from Levenger.
  • Found the floor in my bedroom after shoveling through the mountain of clothes.
  • Decided that I hate washing and ironing shirts enough to get them dry cleaned with a coupon.
  • Hung the photo of the lift bridge that Tom gave me
  • Put batteries into my LED mini-Mag light
  • Replaced burnt out light bulbs
  • Mailed a postcard
  • Packaged up a belated Christmas gift
... next? The world.

I leave you with this -- A pint of coffee, a Big Boy postcard, a MacBook Pro, and a barista washing dishes. Life is pretty good.

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Juno said...

Oh hey - I remember that! (the coffee - not the kid)