Tuesday, July 28, 2009

using mac os 8.5 to help move

AJ using his skills, iPhone, and Mac OS 8.5
o help me move.

Things I've learned while moving:

  • Even though I threw away a half-dumpster worth of stuff, I still have too much.
  • Friends that help you move are the best friends to have, even if they have small sports cars with no back seat. At least there is a diagram on how to fit a golf bag in the trunk.
  • Double-plus-bonus if that friend happens to have a two car garage with enough room for your bike, winter wheels and tires, and the equipment necessary to swap wheels. The driveway sure is nice to wash and wax cars on, too.
  • My sentimental connection to items really goes downhill if it's one of the last things to pack.
  • My stuff is heavy.
  • a VW GTI is not that bad of a car to move large objects with.
  • UHauls in Madison are considerably better than the ones in the UP.
  • I'm seriously amazed at how much crap I have.

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