Tuesday, May 05, 2009

work after hours

There is something calm and serene about being in the office building after hours. As I type, I can only hear my own keyboard, no one else's. The soundscape is so different - my computer fan is actually audible, and no laughing, sighing, pagers, phones, or other distractions can be heard.

Walking around the building to stretch the legs, or, just for fun is interesting. Tonight a manager was closed off in her office, and an Epic project manager was jamming out in one of our conference rooms, just plowing through work. I'm not sure I believe that building SmartForms is oddly addicting... Apparently enough so to lose track of time in a customer conference room at 7:00 PM.

The cleaning crew is working it's way through the building - I hear the rustle of plastic bags, and the thunk of metal garbage cans.

I've often said this about working evenings and weekends - although I'm not a fan, there is something different about the feeling, as, I'm here on my own terms. Take a weekend, for example. If I decide to go into work on a Saturday, it feels better knowing I can sleep in until noon, walk to Starbucks, and get in at 2:00. It allows me to enjoy the process of getting up in the morning, rather than hating the rush of getting to work.

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