Wednesday, May 27, 2009

today's smile

After eating lunch at the Hubbard Avenue Diner in Middleton, I spotted a little card on the pavement.  I scooped it up for inspection, and discovered it was an emergency card.  "In case of emergency, please contact..."  It had a gold address label on it, handwritten contact information, and was carefully laminated by hand with tape.

When I returned to work, I dropped it into an envelope with a sticky note, and tossed it into the mail.  I was happily surprised to receive a note in the mail today, thanking me for returning the card.

Dear Scott,

Thank you very very much for sending me the card I lost with so much information on it.  I always carry one of those cards in my pocket in case I fall or whatever.  I knew I had lost it and I wondered where but I have several more.  I wasn't at the Hubbard Ave Diner, but I'm at the Middleton Senior Center a couple times a week and it probably blew over from there.

Thank you again for being so kind and thoughtful.  I wished our country had more people like you.

A few things I enjoyed in particular about the note - the word "and" was always written in smaller letters, and not in line with the rest of the words.  Instead, it was written on an incline from the upper left to the lower right.  It was always the same height as the other words, though.

The note is also written on a small piece of stationary from the Magic Kingdom.  There are a few spots of white out on the note, and a mid-note pen color change.  A satisfying read, for sure.

In other mail related news, I received three cards in the mail, all enclosed in a plastic bag.  However, they were not addressed to me.  Instead, the top card had my return address on it, full postage, and an incomplete mailing address.  Actually, it didn't have a mailing address at all, just the last name of the intended recipient.  

The other two did not have my address, just a last name each.  Confused?  I was, too.  But I think I figured it out.  I recently sent out some mail in the same kind of envelope - blue, and kind of annoying.  I figure the three that I received today were matched up to the one I sent out, and someone from the post office wrote my return address on one.  Crazy?  Maybe.  Amazing?  Not sure.  Either way, if I decide to open them, I will still feel guilty about it.

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