Tuesday, January 29, 2008

notebook goodness

When I'm at work and have a free moment, sometimes I write random stuff down. Post it notes, index cards, legal pads, etc. Here are a few things I found scattered about some paper that ended up at home.

"I have four hours of sleep, a big cup of coffee, and my youth. What else would I need?"

"Possible band name - Potato Salad Burglars."

"Okay, now, jump up and down, click your heels three times, and say 'Your Momma,' and they might stay there. These are computers, you know." -Cheryl, regarding my changes to a Word document.

"Today, while bored at work, I almost reverted back to grade school. I was sitting at my desk, holding a number 2 pencil in my left hand. In my right was a jumbo paper clip. As background, the pencil I got from the supply cabinet was so old the eraser was hard. Luckily, I found a pencil topper. Granted, the topper didn't work well with the pencil, but I sure felt better about it than the hard eraser which was more efficient at making a mess than erasing lead. Oh, right. The paper clip is mostly used to get things out of my keyboard. Other paper clips, usually. My natural instinct was to take the paper clip and shove it through the eraser. This would serve no purpose other than temporary entertainment and a mess. To summarize -- I'll never grow up."

"All it costs for me to add a shot of espresso -- enough to make me sweat a little, and make my steady hand jittery -- is 55 cents. Oh, I love America."

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