Saturday, January 05, 2008

new year, new blog

It's 2008 now. I would say that I'm going to use the opportunity of a new year to change myself for the better. I'm getting a little more wise as time passes, so I know better than that. Rather than trying to make many changes at once, I'll make little changes, when they make the most sense.

I deleted all of my previous blog postings, because they were tremendously boring. I can't promise that any future postings will be more interesting, but hopefully I can take some notes from my great friend Juno and post interesting things to read, and fun pictures to look at.

I will say that things are looking up. I actually accomplished a few things today - I took a shower, did a load of dishes, and took down my Christmas decorations. Granted, I have a huge list of other things I should start working on - studying for my GMAT, piles of books and magazines to read, Game Boy games to play, a camera to use, and DVDs still in their shrink wrap. I'm all talk.

To top it all off, I'm still thinking about getting a job at the Apple store in the West Towne mall a few days a week. It could be my "mad money" (is that a real term, or did my Mom just make it up?) or extra savings.

My goal is to write something for my profile description. Then I'm leaving the house to assist with appetizer preparation.

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